NEW exhibition: Where does our food come from?  

Fairbairn is excited to be embarking on a new travelling exhibition with a focus of agriculture, slated for the summer of 2018, called Where does our food come from? Farmers, consumers, nutritionists and policy makers talk about food - health issues, economic concerns, environmental impacts, social implications. This engaging exhibition will travel around Québec in the summer of 2018. We will be inviting the public to join the conversation on social media channels. 

Find us on Facebook and join the conversation @ourFoodnosAliments

This exhibition is made possible through our funders, Department of Canadian Heritage and MAPAQ (Ministère de l"agriculture, des Pêcheries et de l'Alimentation du Québec)


Notable Women of the Gatineau Valley celebrates ten remarkable women who altered the physical and social landscape of the Gatineau Valley in ways that continue to shape our lives. They lived between the years 1825 – 2015, and their accomplishments range from building bridges to running businesses, establishing social services to changing environmental law. They did not always receive the credit they deserved, and much of their work happened behind the scenes and in the margins of history books, but their influence has reverberated throughout their families, communities, and, in a number of cases, throughout the world.[view online exhibit here]

Summer kitchen We tell the stories in and about this space, an addition to the main house to keep it cool and liveable in hot summer months when a wood-fired stove was still needed to cook, preserve and bake food for the family and hired farm workers; heat water for cleaning, bathing and laundry; heat sadirons for pressing clothes and linens; and make jams, jellies and pickles to store for winter.

Community room In this room you can hear the voices of the Gatineau Valley in stories handed down by the people who have helped shape our lives. From the 1820s to present times – and from Chelsea up to Kazabazua – you will discover interesting families, village characters, business and trades people, farmers and loggers, religious and ethnic groups, all hard-working men and women who built unique and vigorous communities.

Resources room This room focuses on the bounty of our natural landscape and how we have benefitted from its riches for nearly two centuries. Our exhibit explores how residents have used each of these resources to earn a living and improve their homes and localities. Included is lumbering, agriculture, transportation, mining, hydro power, tourism, and recreation.